The Sacraments are the manifestation of the Father’s tenderness and love towards each of us.    Pope Francis

Instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, the sacraments are signs of grace by which divine life is dispensed to us.  The visible rites…signify and make present the graces proper to each sacrament. CCC1131

We celebrate 7 sacraments.
Please call or email the priest to prepare to receive the sacraments.


Saint Charles Borromeo Baptismal font Sacraments of Christian Initiation

Request a Baptism, 1st Eucharist, or Confirmation Certificate

Sacraments of Healing

Anointing of the Sick-Please contact the parish to receive communion at home or for Anointing of the Sick in case of illness.

Sacraments of Mission

Matrimony – Please allow at least 6 months.
Holy Orders
Request a Matrimony Certificate